Foreign man and Thai woman caught shamelessly doing scandalous act on Pattaya street

Photo by The Thaiger.

A foreign man and Thai woman were spotted having sex against an electricity pole on a roadside of Pattaya early morning of today, 26 December 2022.

Eyewitnesses said the scandalous act continued for 30 minutes and locals are urging police to track down both persons, reported The Thaiger.

At present, there is no report of arresting neither of them, though they could face a fine if found to have violated Section 388 of the Criminal Code on Public Obscenity that says:

“Any person who performs such a disgraceful act in public by undressing himself, exhibiting his undressed person or committing any other act of obscenity shall be liable to a fine not exceeding five hundred baht.”


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2 Comments on “Foreign man and Thai woman caught shamelessly doing scandalous act on Pattaya street”

  1. The street mentioned hosts so many beautiful girls and wonderful trannies anyone would be hard-pressed to keep their private parts in their pants. I’d love to walk that street – we are in 2024 and sexual fun has been ongoing since our species began some 200,000 years ago or more. So let’s honor humanity and pop a few of those lovely girls (or trannies) – that’s what they are there for anyway. Spread the joy.

  2. Thais are ignorant people, they worship westerners as having high status but in fact, most of them in Thailand are losers and criminals. Thai hookers have long been a world-famous bad reputation but Thai police and military are also very corrupt. Hookers need money to survive and hope for a sugar daddy. The horny white looks for cheap sex, drugs, and money laundering. They screw anything that moves. Both are the same–losers. Why not in Malay or Singapore? Thai law is tissue for cleaning asses. This nation is fuck up.

    Thai police are the worse in this ignorant society, with corruption rampant from the top to bottom. In all sectors and all levels, bribery for higher rank and position, ass kisser is a duty.
    The gov,t is the most corrupt, it is the mafia military, and police gangs. Money can buy everything. Murder walk free if the bribe is right. Thailand is a shit hole for the poor, a heaven for the crooks and losers. Thailand is a rubbish land of the world. People’s quality is a very low, ignorant, and stupid mentality. However, it is much safer than the USA. It has a good reputation of good food, beautiful nature, and boxing. This is what the Thai is all about..

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