Get to know “Naegleria fowleri” caused by amoeba infection

Dr. Tares Krassaniyawiwong, Director General of Thailand’s Department of Disease Control shared more about the “Naegleria fowleri” that caused by amoeba infection or “brain-eating amoeba on 27 December 2022, following the recent reports on South Korea’s first death from the disease.

“Authorities confirmed that a 50-year-old man from South Korea died after returning from a trip to Thailand. He had been infected with Naegleria fowleri, an amoeba that causes a brain infection which is usually fatal,” reported Money Control.

According to MGR Online, Dr. Tares pointed out that in the past forty years, there have been seventeen cases of the brain-eating amoeba in Thailand, sixteen people were Thai, and one was Norwegian, and fourteen out of the total died.

The typical causes of amoeba infection include swimming, diving, choking over, putting one’s head under unclean water, like in lakes and rivers.

“When having a risk associated with unsanitary water and starting to have symptoms like headache, fever, nausea or vomiting, stiff neck, and decreased consciousness, one must immediately seek out for medical treatment,” Dr. Tares added.


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