H&M clarifies it “had the right contracts” to sell Justin Bieber related merchandise

The Swedish retailer, H&M published a clarification statement regarding the Canadian artist, Justin Bieber related merchandise on Thursday, 22 December 2022.

“Justin’s license holder has confirmed that H&M had the right contracts in place and followed all proper approval procedures for each selected design,” the company wrote in the statement.

However, “out of respect for Justin” the company would not sell the products on their sites or stores after their removal and will be “working to find the best way to make use of them.”

The controversy between H&M and Justin Bieber bursted up earlier this week when the artist claimed that the firm did not receive his approval to produce and sell the merchandise that has his image and lyrics on them.

He called the products “trash” and urged his followers on Instagram not to buy them.

Source: https://about.hm.com/news/clarification-from-h-m-regarding-justin-bieber-merchandise.html

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