Indonesian CO2 capturing aprons being tested out in Stockholm

The Indonesian-based H & M textile company has produced aprons for the food and beverage industry that capture CO2 and a Stockholm restaurant crew are testing it out, a news report said recently.

The textile industry has a large carbon footprint and fashion companies find themselves under increasing pressure to find ways to limit the environmental impact as global temperatures continue to rise.

This pilot project in Indonesia holds great importance for climate change and sustainability although projects to develop CO2 absorbing textiles are at an early stage, H&M did say that the success of it could be a game changer in the reduction of global CO2 emissions.

At the same time, also with the aim of achieving the successful absorption of CO2 into various textiles, the Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel (HKRITA) has developed an amine-containing solution with which to treat cotton – fiber, yarn or fabric – making the cotton pull carbon dioxide gas towards it and capture it, to thereafter stabilize and store it on the surface of the textile.

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