Interactive children’s event at the Beijing Embassy

The Danish Embassy in Beijing focused on the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle for children during its “Happy, Healthy, Creative Children” event.

On Sunday 21 May 2017, more than 1,000 children and their parents participated in an event aimed at promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for children at the Danish Embassy in Beijing.

The event, held for the second consecutive year, gave the children a chance to experience how Denmark promotes education and healthy lifestyle choices.

“We are happy to give all children and parents a fun, energetic and creative day full of good experiences. As the International Children’s Day approaches, we would like to contribute with a Danish perspective to promoting well-being, happiness, creativity and most importantly, children’s health, “said A. Carsten Damsgaard, Ambassador of Denmark to China, in his opening speech.

“We want to give children and parents the opportunity to share some precious moments with emphasis on playing, being active, building new things and making healthy choices.”

Activities during the day included a “Novo Nordisk Healthy Interaction” area – where the children could visualize and compose various healthy meals, compete on stationary bicycles and measure the amount of sugar in soft drinks. There was also a “LEGO Build The Change” area where children could build their future home, neighborhood or school in legos. Other companies that participated in the day were Decamin, Kompan, Air Store, LEO Pharma and Mille.

The children also played with teachers from Gerlev Legepark, learned about physics with Søren Storm’s teaching physics, and in the Copenhagen Zoo area, children could learn more about animals.

Among the other cultural features was a Chinese children’s choir, where all the singers have bleeding syndrome, and Thomas Sandberg, who improvised music on the objects that the audience gave him as an instrument.

Source: Embassy of Denmark in China

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