Join global green drawing campaign by DrawWithDenmark and Viborg UNESCO Creative City

Photo by Viborg UNESCO Creative City via its website.

DrawWithDenmark and Viborg UNESCO Creative City invites children and young people from all over the world to join the global green drawing campaign 2023 to inspire the society and each other to be more sustainable in everyday life.

The campaign was launched on 15 April and will run until 1 August 2023.

The creative theme this year is Green Together.

According to the campaign instructions, you can partake by creating a drawing, collage, painting, animation (e.g. GIF) analogically or digitally that portray the global green agenda from a hopeful perspective and based on twenty drawing challenges including:

  1. how your city or town can be part of nature
  2. how you are nature’s friend
  3. how you can help the balance of nature
  4. your take on green technology
  5. ‘Station Hope’ – where are we going in the future?
  6. humans and nature together
  7. your personal climate dilemma
  8. a fantasy character/superhero who helps the earth
  9. the soul of nature
  10. the animals’ climate demonstration
  11. nature always wins
  12. a budding green hope
  13. how you take care of nature
  14. the birds’ future
  15. what you can do to make nature more wild
  16. a world where the animals decide
  17. the house of the future
  18. a sustainable everyday life
  19. a wish from Mother Earth. What is you wish for earth?
  20. GreenTogether – how do we together carry forward the green hope?

By uploading your drawing here or to [email protected], you are now part of the drawing campaign.

Viborg UNESCO Creative City will exhibit many works from participants through media arts means (animations, projections, etc.). Plus, there have been discussion about holding local events and exhibitions as well.

For more information on the campaign, please visit the link.

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One Comment on “Join global green drawing campaign by DrawWithDenmark and Viborg UNESCO Creative City”

  1. I am thrilled to see the DrawWithDenmark and Viborg UNESCO Creative City’s initiative to promote sustainability through art. The global green drawing campaign provides an excellent platform for children and young people worldwide to express their ideas on environmental issues. Exhibiting participants’ works and holding local events further amplify the campaign’s impact. It’s truly inspiring to witness the power of creativity in advocating for a greener future.

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