Malaysia and the EU signed the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (PCA)

EUROCHAM Malaysia says European companies will find Malaysia more attractive as a hub for trade and investment activities. Archive image.

An EU-Malaysia Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (EU-MY PCA) was signed between EU and Malaysia on 14 December 2022.

According to EUROCHAM, the PCA is a significant milestone in the history of the EU-Malaysia bilateral relationship. EUROCHAM believes the EU-MY PCA paves a promising path towards recommencing discussions on the EU-Malaysia free trade agreement which will be a preferential trading agreement facilitating the free movement of goods, services and investments between Malaysia and the EU.

If restarted and eventually concluded, the Malaysia EU Free Trade Agreement will cover16 areas spanning over 13 working groups, including market access for goods, services, investments, intellectual property rights and sustainability development.

EUROCHAM encouraged the Malaysian government to officially restart the negotiation phase for the FTA as it will improve business opportunities for all Malaysian industries, increase technology and knowledge exchange as well as significantly increase EU foreign direct investment.

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2 Comments on “Malaysia and the EU signed the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (PCA)”

  1. We apologize. The EUROCHAM applauded the signing of the PCA while at the same time pushing for resuming talks on an FTA. The misunderstanding should now be rectified.

  2. Dear Jeannette Hinrup, the title of your article is misleading. Malaysia and EU signed the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (PCA) on 14 December 2022. Malaysia and EU have not signed the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) yet. Hope this clarifies your article.

    – Malaysian Mission to the EU

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