EUROCHAM Malaysia met with CIDB to strengthen industry collaboration

EUROCHAM Malaysia and the Construction Sector Committee met with CIDB to collaborate in resolving issues within industry development. Photo: EUROCHAM Malaysia

A delegation of EUROCHAM Malaysia and members of the Construction Sector Committee has had a meeting with the CEO, Datuk Ir. Ahmad ‘Asri Abdul Hamid, of the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB).

It was announced the meeting provided exposure and understanding of current industry initiatives, developed professional growth opportunities and strengthened the cooperation between EUROCHAM Malaysia and CIDB.

Important industry challenges and opportunities such as talent challenges, the Industrialized Building System (IBS), regulations and sustainability & digitalization were further discussed.

The delegation was led by EUROCHAM Malaysia Chairman, Mr. Oliver Roche, and EUROCHAM Malaysia CEO, Mr. Sven Schneider, alongside the Construction Sector Committee members, Mr. Sayed Daher, Mr. Vincent Kok, and Ms. Shoko Okui.

The Chamber said it aims to collaborate and work closely with CIDB to resolve industry issues development and is looking forward to having similar meetings in the future to strengthen and bolster alliances for a prosperous EU-Malaysia partnership.


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