EU aims at tackling waste and boost recycling capacity by proposing new rules on packaging

The European Green deal wants to put an end to wasteful packaging while boosting re-use and recycling. Image: Tapio View

As emphasized by EUROCHAM Malaysia, the EU Commision has proposed new EU-wide rules on packaging to tackle the constant growing source of waste and consumer frustration.

For consumers, the proposed rules will ensure reusable packaging options, limit overpackaging, and introduce clear recycling labels. For the industry, they will create new business opportunities – especially for smaller companies – decrease the need for virgin materials, boost Europe’s recycling capacity and make Europe less dependent on primary resources and external suppliers.

The EU hopes the rules will put the packaging sector on track for climate neutrality by 2050 and make sustainable products the norm, as they are key building blocks of the European Green Deal’s Circular Economy Action Plan.

On average, each European generates almost 180 kg of packaging waste per year. The packaging sector is one of the main users of virgin materials as 40% of plastics and 50% of paper used in the EU is destined for packaging. Without action, the EU would see a further 19% increase in packaging waste by 2030, and for plastic packaging waste even a 46% increase.

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