Nokia is suing Chinese Oppo for patent infringement

The Finnish telecom giant Nokia is suing China’s biggest smartphone manufacturer Oppo for patent infringement, Light Reading reports.

The licensing agreement between Nokia and Oppo was signed in 2018 and expired in June. Nokia attempted to renew the agreements and update them to cover 5G uses as well but this has been rejected by Oppo. The licenses involve a mixture of cellular standard-essential patents and implementation patents for interface and security technologies.

Speaking on the matter, Nokia says to Light Reading, “We have been negotiating the renewal of our patent licensing agreement with Oppo but unfortunately they have rejected our fair and reasonable offers.” 

Nokia will now take the Chinese smartphone maker to court in the UK, France, Germany, and India. 

“Litigation is always our last resort and we have offered to enter into independent and neutral arbitration to amicably resolve the matter. We still believe this would be the most constructive way forward and our door remains open,” Nokia also told Light Reading.

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