Nordic Day 2024: Many things to celebrate

The guests at Nordic Day, Photo by Lærke Kobberup

The Nordic Embassies came together to celebrate Nordic day yesterday, 19 March 2024. This Nordic day the Ambassadors could celebrate 70 years of Thai-Finnish diplomatic relations, 119 years of Thai-Norwegian diplomatic relations,  50 years on the throne for H. M King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden and the accession to the throne for H. M King Frederik X of Denmark.

The event was attended by many people. Most were Scandinavians living abroad, who used the occasion to meet up with friends. Others were people networking and making new possible business connections.

The dresscode was business casual or National Costume and a few came in National Costume. This also included the Swedish Ambassador, Anna Hammargren, who was wearing the Swedish National Costume.

The registration began at 7 pm. allowing the guest to mingle a bit before the official program was kicked of by the Ambassadors at 7:20.

While mingling the guest could also enjoy an exhibition at the entrance representing the different Nordic Royal Families.

Words from the Ambassadors

The event was held in the residential garden of the Ambassador of the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Bangkok, Astrid Emilie Helle, and she kicked off the speeches of the Ambassadors by focusing on the history of the Nordic Day. She also had a special focus on common values that Thailand and the Nordic Countries share.

She talked of Human Rights, Gender Equality and Rule of Law while looking at her fellow Ambassadors lined up on the stage next to her. On the subject Rule of Law she briefly mentioned the current situation between Russia and Ukraine expressing her sympathy with Ukraine.

Next in line was the Danish Ambassador Jon Thorgaard, who spent his time on the stage talking about the importance of sustainability. Both environmentally but also business wise.

“It is good business to be sustainable,” he said.

He also underlined the appreciation that the Nordic Countries have for the business collaborations they have with Thailand.

The Finnish Ambassador Jyri Järviaho focused on the importance of happiness, and how it is a necessity if one wants to prosper. This leading him to spent a moment acknowledging the importance of education for the youth.

He also spoke of the trust the Nordic people have in each other and to their government and how important that is.

Anna Hammargren, the Ambassador of Sweden, stated the importance of gender equality and security. She had a special focus on security now that all the Nordic countries have become a part of NATO, Sweden being the last as they joined earlier this month, 7 March 2024.

The Nordic Ambassadors and the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of Thailand, Photo by Charlotte Nike Albrechtsen

The Guest of honor

Mr. Sihasak Phuangketkeo, Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs of Thailand, was then invited to the stage as the events guest of honor.

Mr. Sihasak Phuangketkeo made a few statements on the stage mainly acknowledging the common values and culture that Thailand and the Nordic countries share. He especially focused on the Nordic countries as ‘success stories’ in the eyes of Thailand. He thanked the Scandinavian countries for setting good examples when it comes to areas such as inclusiveness, prosperity and happiness.

He concluded his remarks on stage thanking the ambassadors for allowing him to be a part of this evening and highlighting how much Thailand is looking forward to working together in the future. Thailand is prepared to get proactive in their Foreign Policy for the cause of peace.

The exhibition showing the Nordic Royal Families, Photo by Lærke Kobberup

A little bit of home

The big screen next to the stage then lit up and a series of video material from the different Nordic countries played simultaneously as the different national anthems were played. The crowd silently observed the screen while a few hummed along to their national anthem.

The national anthem of Thailand was also played to finish up the planned schedule on stage.

For the rest of the evening the guests enjoyed the buffet of food stationed in the garden while listening to live music played by Danish musicians.

In the back of the garden there were a photo shooting activity were people could enjoy signs, glasses, hats and other props while talking goofy pictures. This activity was popular and many guests left with printed pictures in their pockets.

Many of the big Nordic companies were represented as well as the employees of the Nordic Embassies.

The event finished at 9 pm were the more than 400 attendees started to head home.

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