Norwegian Embassy in Singapore promotes a greener Singapore

The Norwegian Embassy in Singapore is promoting efficient ways to live a more earth-friendly life in Singapore by sharing information provided by Singapore’s MSE.

Singapore’s MSE is the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment which is committed to providing Singaporeans with a quality living environment.

In recent updates, the Embassy shares how one can recycle shoes in the island-city state instead of throwing them in the bin. The collected shoes will be sent to a rubber grinding facility and converted into granular material to be used to make running tracks, playgrounds, fitness corners, and more.

The Embassy also highlights how everyone can all do their small parts for making Singapore Greener and one initiative is to start recycling in your home. 

The Embassy writes that Singapore has a co-mingled blue bin system, where all recyclables go into the same, blue bin but anyone who wants to start a recycling habit should start at home.

A tip from the Embassy reads: “Establish a recycling corner in your home (a bag, a box, a separate waste bin), where you can store your CLEAN recyclables before depositing it in the blue bins (make sure not contaminated by food stains, etc). Every household‘s recycling corner looks different, and that’s the beauty of it – finding what fits your family best!”.

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