Solar company from Denmark interests to invest in Philippines

Photo by Pexels.

The solar company based in Denmark, Obton A/S, is interested in making investments in the Philippines.

Obton’s interest has grown following the announcement of the Philippines’ Department of Energy (DOE) on the relaxation of foreign ownership restriction on Renewable Energy (RE) projects, reported The Manila Times.

It is planning to explore more RE markets that have been auctioning their solar capacity when offered to prospective investors.

Apart from offshore wind development, the solar part of RE developments has also been attracting interests from Danish investors, according to Philippine Ambassador to Denmark Leo M. Herrera-Lim.

He said, “We would want to see more of these kinds of Danish companies as well as there’s several investment funds that operate out of Denmark – CIP (Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners), Copenhagen Energy and then on the solar side,…”


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