Sweden in Cambodia: Education is of key importance

The Embassy of Sweden in Cambodia recently met with representatives of the Ministry of Women Affairs, cultural and other civil society organizations in Cambodia to discuss the key role that books and education play in children’s lives.

Amongst the subject of conversation were the questions regarding whether a book, a play, or a film can improve the life of a boy or girl as a child and later as adults and if creativity, education, and family can contribute to a person’s development.

The Embassy shares that Cambodia’s challenges and obstacles were mentioned during the discussion as well as positive changes and how these can be strengthened.

“Respect for the rights of the child and gender equality will give everybody more opportunities. The Swedish literary character Pippi Longstocking stimulates children and adults to reflect on these questions,” the Embassy states.

The famous character of the children’s books by Swedish author Astrid Lindgren turned 75 years old this year. Pippi is unafraid, happy, so strong she can lift a horse and continues to inspire children all over the world.

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