The Danish Seamen’s Church in Hong Kong is looking for a priest

The Danish Seamen’s and Foreign Churches are looking for a priest to serve at the Danish Seamen’s Church in Hong Kong from 1 December 2021, according to this announcement.

Hong Kong is an international city and a unique blend of Eastern and Western culture. The Danish Seamen’s Church in Hong Kong is currently located in the Mariners’ Club, which is also home to the Church of Sweden, the Catholic Stella Maris, and the employees of the German Seamen’s Church. 

The priest at the Danish Seamen’s Church in Hong Kong is responsible for the service of Danish-flagged ships docking at the port of Hong Kong. Due to the Corona situation, it has not been possible to get on board the ships for a long time, but more and more visitors are opening up. The priest’s visit to the ship is a valued break for the busy sailors who do not meet many other people besides the rest of the ship’s crew. They appreciate the breath of fresh air and the opportunity to speak Danish. 

In addition to visiting Danish-flagged ships, the Danish Seamen’s and International Churches have also initiated a pilot project called Conversations at Sea. The project is a conversation offer for seafarers inspired by the Danish Church’s Soul Care on the Net. The project serves as an online supplement to the conversations that otherwise occur when the priests visit the ships. The project extends over three years until the beginning of 2023, and the priest at the Danish Seamen’s church in Hong Kong is attached 5 hours a week. The priest must therefore be willing to participate in new virtual solutions in the seaman’s work. 

The priest at the Danish seamen’s Church in Hong Kong is also a priest for Danes and Danish families living in Hong Kong. Services are held with subsequent well-attended church lunches in the Danish Room. In addition, to worship services, there are also inquiries about baptisms and confirmations from time to time. 

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