Supporting women in vulnerable communities in Myanmar

The Swedish embassy in Myanmar announced on 13 August 2020 that #Team Europe and UNFPA continue to support women in vulnerable communities in Myanmar with mobile health teams during the pandemic. The statement said:

Sexual and reproductive health cannot wait; having access to safe, timely and high quality health care is critical in this time of Covid-19. UNFPA together with partner organizations implement Women and Girls First Program, which plays a key role in responding to the pandemic in Myanmar.

More than 220,000 women and girls in conflict-affected areas benefit from the programme every year and the program has now restructured its support to Covid-19.
The women and girls first program continues to support mobile health teams to ensure ongoing access to life-saving services, remote service delivery including case management, mental health and psychosocial support while including protection measures for counsellors. It also provides PPE kits for State Health Departments in Kachin, Northern Shan, Kayin , Rakhine and Mon States and Dignity Kits for women and girls in IDP communities in Kachin and northern Shan State.

This response has made possible by TeamEurope (The EU, Finland, Germany, Italy and Sweden) together with Australia.

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