What not to do in Thailand and Sweden as a tourist

Photo: Pexels/Leah Kelly

People on Reddit have revealed customs that can be considered extremely offensive in their countries that tourists might not know. For instance in Thailand and Sweden.

In Thailand, people said it is offensive to touch other people’s heads, as it is the highest and most respected part of the body. Another one is to never point your feet at a Buddha statue. Lastly, make sure not to step on money, as that means you’re stepping on the king’s face and thereby disrespecting him – which can have jail consequences.

Regarding Sweden, the Nordics really value their personal space.  And one might be surprised about how big the Swedes’ sphere of personal space really is. So keep this in mind when approaching people in Sweden – keep a certain distance.

People also shared their experiences with both Ireland, Netherlands, the Middle East and more. You can read the rest of the answers right here.

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