Wooden wind turbines by Swedish firm “Modvion” helps reduce carbon emissions

Photo of wooden wind turbines by the Trend Watching.

The Swedish start-up, Modvion, has partnered with RWE Renewables Sweden, a subsidiary of German energy giant RWE to develop wooden wind turbine towers for onshore wind farms.

Instead of using steel and concrete, wooden towers can be a cost-effective alternative and are more environmentally friendly, reported the Trend Watching.

According to RISE, a Swedish research institute, a wooden tower can reduce emissions by 90% compared to a steel counterpart of the same height and load.

“Our technology can help the wind industry dramatically reduce emissions, while facilitating taller towers to reach stronger winds,” said Maria-Lina Hedlund, acting CEO at Modvion.

By partnering with Modvion, RWE aims to equip their own future wind farms with wooden towers as well as reduce its carbon output and renewable energy production cost.

Source: https://www.trendwatching.com/innovation-of-the-day/wooden-wind-turbine-towers-reduce-emissions-by-90-and-are-cheaper-than-steel-too

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