Outdated: Do I need visa, health certificate and additional insurance when traveling to Thailand?

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Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health has set up a page with requirements for travelers who are going to Thailand. There are three different requirements for travelers coming from three different zones.

1. Requirements for travelers from the Disease Infected Zones. (Click here)
Disease Infected Zones are currently the People’s Republic of China (including Special Administrative Regions Macau and Hong Kong), The Republic of Korea, The Republic of Italy, The Islamic Republic of Iran

2. Requirements for travelers from the ongoing local transmission areas. (Click here)
This covers the Scandinavian countries and most other European countries, United States of America, and Japan (certain cities). 

3. Requirements for travelers from other areas (Click here)
The rest of the world.

When there are updates to the general rules published for each of these zones, they should be published here:


The latest change is, that travelers from the 2. group also needs the medical certificate that they are covid-free and are recommended to implement mild movement restrictions:

TAT update: Thailand Public Health Ministry updated COVID-19 control measures for travellers


The Nordic insurance providers Gouda and Dansk Rejseforsikring and Europaeiske have informed ScandAsia that their regular insurance will cover in case medical treatment is needed also for Covid-19.

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