Carlsberg appoints Swedish Ulrica Fearn as new Director of Finance

I will have to learn what is especially Danish and what is special for Carlsberg” said Ulrica Fearn about being Carlsberg’s new Director of Finance. Photo: Fødevarewatch

Ulrica Fearn has been appointed new Director of Finance at Carlsberg. This was reported by Danish watch media, Fødevarewatch.

Despite her Swedish background, a large part of Ulrica’s business career has taken place outside Scandinavia, but she could not turn down an offer from Danish brewer Carlsberg.

– It (Carlsberg, red) is nothing less than an iconic brand. That, combined with the ownership of the company through the Carlsberg Foundation funding academic research projects and giving back to the world, is important to me, said Ulrica.

Ulrica has longed after being a part of a company producing supermarket goods and said there is something exciting connected with fast consumer goods.

– One can almost feel the market. I missed the way you feel the pulse, as you do in a company like Carlsberg. It is something that connects you to the company, she said.

The new Director of Finance describes herself as open and ambitious on behalf of the employees and the company and pointed out that integrity and openness is a must – it is important that you do what you say and say what you do.

– You build a working culture around integrity. It is my experience that at Carlsberg, a particular proudness around exactly that integrity exists.

Ulrica Fearn graduated from Halmstad University in 1997 whereafter she functioned in various leader positions for alcoholic beverage company, Diageo, in England, Australia, Singapore and USA. Subsequently, she was the Director of Finance in British telecom company, BT Group, in 2017, and Director of Finance at Norwegian energy company Equinor in 2021.

Ulrica Fearn and her family have moved around for a large part of their lives. For the position at Carlsberg, they now move from Oslo to Copenhagen which Ulrica is looking forward too as she believes the Danish society will provide her children with room for freedom as the children can bike to and from school.

– The trust (in the Danish society, red.) gives the kids important self-confidence. It makes them resourceful. I see it as a cornerstone of the Scandinavian culture and essential for the Scandinavian countries’ success.


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