DCC Hong Kong AGM 2017 report

The Annual General Meeting 2017 of Danish Chamber of Commerce (DCC) Hong Kong was successfully held at Pandora Jewelry Asia-Pacific on 9 March with 23 members and guest speakers in attendance. Frank Jensen was the facilitator of the meeting, reports DCC Hong Kong.

Birgitte Larsen (former Office Manager), Thomas Anders (Chairman) and May Chieng (current Office Manager)

The meeting started out with the Chairman, Thomas Andersen’s report, followed by the Treasurer, Anders Schultz Thygesen who presented the financial report 2016 and budget for 2017. Lastly the AGM ended with current DCC board re-elected.

Following the AGM the honourable speakers, General Consul Guangzhou, Anja Villefrance and the Counselor – Maritime Affairs and Shipping, Bjarke Wiehe Boetcher presented their respective work.

Anja Villefrance laid out ideas for events promoting Danish companies and designs that could take place in HK. The first idea was to repeat last year event, ‘Danish Company In Hong Kong’, in the first half of June. Second one is to have a Danish pavilion on the International Design Furniture Fair that takes place in Wanchai Exhibition Centre; a Danish Design Showroom in HK – inspired by a success story in Chongqing where Danish furniture and home decoration companies/distributors displayed the items in an apartment showroom of a new property. Another idea was to have a Gastro event with a Danish chef. To wrap up, a VIP visit to Guangzhou will take place on 26th September 2017 where the Consulate will host a Denmark Day on the colonial style Shamian Island.

General Consul in Guangzhou, Anja Villefrance presented her ideas for Danish promotional activities in HK (after the AGM took place)

Bjarke Wiehe Boetcher shared his work at the Embassy in Beijing since September 2015. He works closely with the Chinese Central Government about maritime environmental regulations and introduces green maritime technology. He concluded that with the importance and size of HK seaport it is very much relevant for him to expand his cooperation with the Hong Kong SAR government.

Last but not least DCC Hong Kong bid farewell to Birgitte Larsen, who moves back to Denmark in the coming summer of 2017. The Chairman, on behalf of the Board, thanked her for the good work during the past years as Office Manager. She received a gift, sponsored by Pandora and as well as a gift voucher sponsored by Skagen, Fossil Group.

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