Denmark and Philippines address lack of RE workers

Photo: Philip Silverman

Denmark and Philippines have made a job skills program with the aim of addressing the lack of workers to fulfill the renewable energy (RE) transition.

The Danish Embassy in Manila said so on 6 December. It added that more than 570.000 technicians are needed to operate the growing wind fleet by 2027.

“Many more are needed when including solar power, distribution and transmission systems,” the embassy said in a statement.

Therefore, the two governments have announced the JOBS4RE initiative to help facilitate training of workers for the RE industry. To do so, they will expand and promote global certificates to generate such an ‘energy-labor pool.’

Furthermore, it will be with help from both The Global Offshore Wind Alliance, International Renewable Energy Agency, Global Wind Energy Council, and Global Wind Organization.

The initiative shall focus on jobs related to the wind power, especially offshore wind projects.

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