Discover what the Embassy of Finland seeks to do in Thailand

In a series of videos, the Embassy of Finland in Thailand aims at showing what the Embassy seeks to do in the country and introduces several important members of staff. 

In the most recent video, the Embassy of Finland introduces their Consul Katariina Hautamäki-Huuki who is in charge of the Consular Services sector at the Embassy. 

In the video, she explains what kind of services the Embassy’s Consular and Immigration teams provide in Thailand and why they are so important part of the Embassy’s work.

Watch the video here

Previously in the Embassy’s series, Head Chef at the Residence of the Ambassador of Finland Nattapong Pongphaew was introduced. When Nattapong Pongphaew first became Head Chef at the Residence he expressed a wish to learn more about Finnish cuisine and former Finnish Ambassador Sirpa Maenpaa sent him to Finland to learn more. Now he is used to making various delicious Finnish dishes – like Brita cake.

Watch the video here

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