Dive in “Farang Affairs” book to explore truths via political cartoons

The illustrated book “Farang Affairs” by Stephff captures details of internationals’ life who live in Thailand into the original cartoons many foreigners (“Farang”) and local Thais can relate to.

Some phrases like “Foreigners should never own land in Thailand” and “But…I live here and I would like to create my own organic farm” sound familiar, don’t they?

Therefore, one can discover more “ring a bell” experiences in the latest collection of “Farang Affairs” here as it is now available to purchase.

“Stephff” or Stephane Peray is a Bangkok-based French cartoonist who has settled in Thailand since 1989.

He used to work with “The Nation” newspaper and become their main cartoonist, working on his creative illustrations “Ministry of Farang Affairs” and got them published on many magazines.

Here is the picture of the author, Stephff recently giving his drawings to Bangkok Governor, Mr. Chadchart Sittipunt, featuring when he was elected. Photo by Ministry of Farang Affairs Facebook page.

Source: https://www.pattayamail.com/cartoons/farang-affairs-pheu-thai-against-foreign-land-ownership-415221

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One Comment on “Dive in “Farang Affairs” book to explore truths via political cartoons”

  1. Do the same as Denmark !
    If they want to own land here, they have to pay tax of all their income worldwide in Thailand.

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