Embassy of Finland in Singapore: Future is Made in Finland is the recipe for success

In the Future is made in Finland webinar series, you can explore the different aspects of studying, working and innovating in Finland. Image: Embassy of Finland in Singapore

The Embassy of Finland in Singapore asks us kindly to remember the INGREDIENT IV of the Future is Made in Finland webinar series is coming up next week on 16 december.

The episode, which is broadcasted live from India, will teach participants about Indian nationals coming to Finland to grow their tech careers by studying cutting-edge technology.

Find more information: https://e.eventos.fi/events/tapaus/future-is-made-in-finland-2022?fbclid=IwAR3VEeuN2-KklgFt8kecxRimUZru79QEIwTMGbCrS4X9IfHkSqrPgB4YIrU

Registration: https://e.eventos.fi/events/tapaus/future-is-made-in-finland-2022/register?fbclid=IwAR19UQGfZkKeTYuyMVY6tgKDNOF5hm64Cs5gBFnDEUK2sfEKZTA6bNLDPJY

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