Finland embassy urges Finns in Danang to stay informed while Air traffic is suspended for 15 days

Danang city, Vietnam.

New Covid-19 cases were found in Danang, Vietnam on 26 July 2020. The Government were quick to announce another restriction to curb spreading including restriction protocols that were lifted are now called back in practice.

The Embassy of Finland also announced on 28 July 2020, according to local authorities, Danang’s air traffic has been suspended for 15 days starting from 28 July 2020.There are also restrictions on land traffic.

“The Embassy is following the situation and urges those staying in the area to follow the local media. As well as following the instructions of local authorities and to get in touch your loved ones in the meantime.

We recommend making a travel notification at

In case of emergency, please contact the Embassy or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 24/7 on call at + 358 358 9 160 55555.”

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