First Volvo electric truck delivered in Taiwan

Volvo Trucks has delivered its first electric truck in Taiwan to WRC PACIFIC, LTD. The delivery took place at Taikoo Kaohsiung Flagship Service Center, belonging to the national dealer Taikoo Commercial Vehicles.

WRCP, Volvo Trucks and Taikoo Commercial Vehicles are thereby joining forces in Taiwan to move towards a zero-emission future.

“WRCP is honored to collaborate with Volvo Trucks and Taikoo Commercial Vehicles to acquire the first Volvo FE electric truck in Taiwan,” said Peter T. Halpin, CEO of WRC & Chairman of WRCP about the acquisition.

WRCP is a leading environmental company and the largest metal sludge recycling and treatment facility in Taiwan. The company is striving to reduce carbon emissions and minimize waste.

“Electric vehicles and sustainable development are now essential to everyday corporate operations. Volvo Trucks has developed the most environmentally friendly and technologically advanced electric trucks,” said Willy Chen, General Manager of Taikoo Commercial Vehicles at the event.

Volvo Truck’s electric lineup offers a wide range of options, including the Volvo FE that was just received by WRCP. The truck is an 18.5-ton electric vehicle that ensures a quiet and zero-emission operation. The truck can reduce energy consumption costs by up to 80%.

According to Taikoo Commercial Vehicles the company is committed to promoting electric trucks while providing full solutions to its customers. Taikoo sees this delivery as an important starting point for electric trucks in Taiwan.

Source: Volvo

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