LEGO version of “Wish” movie

Photo via LEGO Instagram.

Danish toy maker company LEGO had made a recent collaboration with Disney on launching the LEGO version of the movie “Wish.”

“Every great LEGO build began with a wish,” said LEGO. The company offers box sets featuring the main characters and scenes like Asha, the kingdom of Rosas, Valentino the goat, and more from the film.

“Wish” by Disney  was made in celebration of the animation studio’s 100th Anniversary. It was directed by an American director Christ Buck and the first female Thai director Fawn Veerasunthorn.

If you are LEGO’s collectors, loved the movie “Wish,” or simply want to get a gift for your nieces and nephews, please visit LEGO’s website for more information. The exclusive version of the toy may send a special message to anyone who receive it that wish is important to us all.

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