Marie Olsson tells about the Swedish Church Abroad in newest episode of SWEA Podden

After a few years of absence, the Swedish Church returns to Southeast Asia. Image: SWEA Singapore

In the newest episode of SWEA Podden, Marie Olsson talks about how she, together with her husband Olof Olsson, soon-to-be pastor in Southeast Asia and East Asia, will resume the Swedish Church Abroad’s operations in Southeast Asia.

The initial steps of the operation will take place in Bangkok. The extend of the Swedish Church’s presence in additional Asian countries will be determined along the way.

Marie and her husband have been stationed abroad for many years and in the podcast she shares stories of everything from traffic rules in Brazil to prisons in Thailand.

Further, Marie touch upon how the Church can be a light in difficult times for those who struggle in different ways, how Swedish traditions often serve as natural reference points, and how a family of two set out and came back as a family of five.

Listen to Swea Podden:

The Swedish Church Abroad:


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