Meet the new acting manager at Business Sweden in Hanoi

In a recent update from the Embassy of Sweden in Hanoi, the new acting manager at Business Sweden in Hanoi, Ludvig Hermansson introduces himself.

Ludvig Hermansson came out of his four-week quarantine a month and a half ago and he writes that it was well worth the wait because he really enjoys the wonderful city of Hanoi, the people, his colleagues, and of course the amazing Vietnamese food. 

“Before I came to Hanoi I worked in Norway, Dubai, Morocco, Kenya, and South Africa in that order. So I’ve slowly been moving south and since I can’t go any further, I’m very happy to finally go east,” Ludvig Hermansson writes.

Ludvig Hermansson writes that it has actually been a dream of his since his teenage years. “Once Vietnam opens up again I really look forward to exploring more of this beautiful country like the rice fields up north, the beautiful Ha Long Bay, the markets in Hoi An, and the south. I’m really looking forward to that experience.”

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