Nordic Embassies in Thailand create awareness on enforced disappearance

Four Nordic Embassies in Thailand stand together to create awareness on enforced disappearance. Through a recent update, The Embassy of Denmark in Bangkok, the Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok, The Embassy of Finland in Bangkok, and the Norwegian Embassy in Bangkok all share the following post:

Imagine that someone you love suddenly disappeared. How would you feel? Would you miss them? Would you be begging to know what happened? Would you do all that you can to find them? Would you want justice?

Tragically, hundreds of thousands of people have vanished during conflicts or periods of repression in at least 85 countries around the world.

It is called enforced disappearance. And it’s not only a crime of the past. The victims are often tortured or killed by agents of the state or by persons or groups acting with the authorization of the state.

The disappearance also inflicts great pain and lifelong suffering on the victims’ families and relatives.

Enforced disappearance is unacceptable and contrary to international human rights law, and families and societies have a right to know the truth about what happened to their loved ones.

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