Sjømannskirken in Pattaya is still closed due to covid-19 restrictions

In the latest newsletter, Sjømannskirken in Pattaya informs that the Norwegian church is still closed due to current covid-19 restrictions in Thailand.

“Unfortunately, the infection rate continues to increase which means that we still have to stay closed. We however hope and believe that it will change for the better as the effect of the measures the authorities have initiated will have a positive effect on the infection rate,” Sjømannskirken writes.

Even though the church is closed, it is possible to borrow books in Sjømannskirken’s library during the church’s normal working hours between 12.00 to 16.00 from Wednesday to Sunday.

Sjømannskirken asks everyone to take responsibility to prevent the spread of covid-19 by staying at home as much as possible, regularly washing hands, keeping social distance in public, and wearing a face mask at all times.

“We will be present at the church during normal working hours (Wed. – Sunday 12 – 16). If you need help from us for something special, you can call the church telephone 085 1357755, and we will come and meet you at the gate,” Sjømannskirken writes.

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