South Korea fires warning against North Korean sea vessel on maritime border

Marines conduct maritime reconnaissance in 2010 near the inter-Korean maritime border where a South Korean official was shot dead by North Korean troops. Photo: Korea Times

Early Monday morning local time, South Korean military fired warning shots against a North Korean vessel at an inter-Korean maritime border – the Northern Borderline – separating the two countries.

According to Danish television station, TV2, the vessel allegedly crossed the border close to the island Baengnyeong and pulled back northward after the warning shots were fired. A few minutes after, North Korean military informed a South Korean vessel had crossed the maritime border upon which North Korea fired ten warning shots.

Reportedly, the Northern Borderline is poorly marked and has been the subject of disputes between the two countries on several occasions. In 2020, a South Korean official were shot dead by North Korean troops after which Pyongyang warned Seoul against “trespasssíng” into North Korean waters to search for the body.

Tension between North- and South Korea has intensified lately with North Korea carrying out several artillery- and missile testing schemes claiming it to be initiated to counteract a collaborative American-South Korean military rehearsal. Similarly, South Korea regularly executes military rehearsals to be “prepared for North Korean aggression” perceived by North Korea as preparations for a possible invasion.


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