Spotify marketing strategy creates greater results than expected

Swedish music streaming platform Spotify has created a phenomenon over the internet in the past week with its marketing strategy. The “2023 Spotify Wrapped” which imitated the short video of Instagram Story’s feature gave greater results than expected.

The wrapped up would present each user with a whole-year summary of their music listening styles. This received positive feedback from many Spotify’s users from around the world by having them share their own wrapped up on social media and make it viral.

The information such as “Top Artists,” “Top Songs,” “Numbers of Genres” one has listened to, and “How Much Time” one spent listening to their favorite music were creatively presented in colorful, artistic designs. It also showed an individual’s “Top Podcast” and a card defining “What Kind Of Listener Are You?”

Generally, personalized content similar to Spotify’s Wrapped Up usually catches people’s attention well. Spotify has used the strategy of “every data is essential” and effectively promotes the brand without the too-hard advertising.

More than a genius marketing strategy it was, this could help the platform in creating a meaningful bond with its users because after one’s going over their music wrapped up, they might even think, “Man, this app kind of knows me better than my friends.”

Some users might feel nostalgia by seeing what songs or artists have been their companion through both dark and beautiful times. Surely, they would look forward to what would come next from Spotify, their next year’s journey wrapped up maybe or something entirely new.

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