SWEA invites to exclusive jewelry showcase with Helena Gilmour

Helena Gilmour will showcase her jewelry collection exclusively for SWEA Singapore. Photo: SWEA Singapore

SWEA Singapore arranges a visit to jewelry-maker, Helena Gilmour’s, home in Singapore on 16 November where Helena will present her jewelry collection.

Participants will be able to view, try and/or buy Helena’s jewelry displayed.

Helena will provide a talk on the ways in which she works, how she creates jewelry and what inspires her in her work with different styles.

Registration: https://singapore.swea.org/events/smyckesvisning-hemma-hos-helena-gilmour/?fbclid=IwAR1b6Tjjs21SZCV0BsiTjDhAV2uFMnN2vJqWWF2GKZpfHfv9VDOefA-QTE8

Source: https://www.facebook.com/sweasg/?ref=py_c&eid=ARCrI_H_d3NZi3y1meNHxGuENXPmVc0lmdZ2r2wK9qd_tZHx8uXWbObc5vVwDHm40jj4gTS1iKR-k1ve

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