Swedish Gaston Luga now available in Thailand

The Swedish brand Gaston Luga, producer of quality backpacks and accessories inspired by Scandinavian design and living, is now available in Thailand. 

According to an introduction by the Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok, Gaston Luga does not only provide beautiful design and high-quality products, but Gaston Luga has also committed to sustainability.

The brand does not use Animal-based materials, they use plant-based leather with some of the products being made from vegan apple leather, a biomaterial created from discarded apple skins. 

Gaston Luga also implements Low Impact Packaging in the form of boxes from FSC-certified paper printed with soy ink, making them eco-friendly and recyclable as well as biodegradable plastic.

Moreover, Gaston Luga has been a carbon-neutral organization since 2019 in partnership with Carbon Footprint Ltd to offset their carbon footprint by donating to the Escarpment Environment Conservation Network (Esconet) to support projects to restore local forests. 

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