Swedish School in Bangkok moved to Ekamai

Swedish School Organisation in Bangkok – Svenska Skolföreningen Bangkok – has moved. From this month and onwards, the students will meet at a new school  Bright Skies International School by Acacia at Ekamai soi 63/6 Saturday mornings between 10 am until 12.00 noon.

SSFBKK is an organisation that has existed since before 2010. The organisation conducts complimentary Swedish after school hours and is  not to compare with a Swedish school. It’s a  voluntary activity and the education is directed at children from age 6 to 20.

One of the parents has to be native Swedish citizens and Swedish must be an active language at home. For those pupils, fulfilling these claims, and who are between 6 and 20, the school organisation receives contribution for from the State Sweden.

In Bangkok, we also have a group for younger kids not fulfilling the claims.

We work to get the pupils prerequisite to keep up the Swedish language and to develop the speaking skills and also to learn about Swedish culture and traditions.

A term/semester contains of approximately 15 lessons and the cost pro child is 3000 thb.

The young children learn through playing games and other suitable activities, while the older students learn to improve in reading and writing etc.

Sometimes we organise fieldtrips and invite the parents to join.

When we children join the classes, the parents use to sit together for a cup of coffee (FIKA) and a chat in a near by coffeeshop.

During earlier years, the children have learned about Santa Lucia and also performed at the Embassy/Residence and SWECHAM, the Swedish/Thai Chamber of Commerce.

We have access to Swedish books and the children can also bring their own books if they prefer.

We, who are part of the Swedish School Orgnisation, are looking forward to welcoming more pupils.

You will find out about us on our the webpage for Swedish School Organisation Bangkok as well on Facebook.

The term has just started, so no problem to sign up now.


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