Update from Norwegian Ambassador in Bangkok regarding visa to Norway

In a newly published Facebook video from the Norwegian embassy in Bangkok, Ambassador Kjersti Rødsmoen updates on the corona situation in Thailand, austerity in visa and entrance to Norway, and vaccination in Thailand

Regarding visa and entry to Norway, the embassy has made the following statement:

“From January 29. and until further notice, Norway is in practice closed for entry for other than Norwegian citizens and foreigners living in Norway. The only people who are granted a visitor visa and can visit Norway are mainly close families like spouses, cohabitants, and underage children. Until further notice, visitor visas are not normally given to other relatives or girlfriends.

Requirements for corona testing before entering Norway have become stricter. Everyone needs to investigate how strict it is for them. New rules are constantly being introduced. Check entry requirements on the following websites: www.udi.no www.fhi.no and www.regjeringen.no

NB: Although Norway should not require a coronate test before entering Norway, it may be that both airlines and transit countries do so. The individual traveler also needs to investigate this beforehand.

You can also call ′′ Call center for travelers to Norway “: + 47 33412870”.

 See the full video update from Ambassador Kjersti Rødsmoen here 

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