Ambassador Nielsen gave an opening speech at the Myanmar Media Development Conference

Photo: Denmark embassy in Myanmar.

The Danish Ambassador to Myanmar, Mr John Nielsen, gave an opening speech at the Myanmar Media Development Conference. Through support to International Media Support (IMS), Denmark contributes to promote accurate news and counter disinformation and hate speech in Myanmar. This includes supporting media and digital rights and tech organisations to fact-check and to debunk wrong information on social media.

In his speech, the Ambassador Nielsen highlighted that, ”the role of the media in Myanmar, like in any society, is important and fundamental to a functioning democracy. This comes out very clear when there are elections. If voters lack access to correct information, they will not be able to make informed decisions when casting their vote.”

The Media Development Conference brings together media and electoral stakeholders to find solutions to challenges ahead of the 2020 general election and address the issues of disinformation and hate speech that risk jeopardizing free and fair elections in Myanmar.

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