DABS invites to Coffee Table Meeting; The Nomadic Mindset UNCOVERED: MoveOn

The Danish Business Association Singapore invites you to join their Coffee Table Meeting; The Nomadic Mindset UNCOVERED: MoveOn on 26 August at Saxo Capital Markets Pte Ltd. in Singapore.

More about the event:

In this VUCA world, uncertainty, unknowns, and change are the only constants. Change implies MovingON and for many, MovingOn can invoke fear or inspire opportunities. From the nomadic mindset perspective, MovingON invites evolution, a shift in culture, and growth. For leadership this is vital and for all the organization it is a must, not a nice to have. To do this, you want to tap into your nomadic mindset. But what is the nomadic mindset?

This inspirational interactive story and image-filled keynote will take you on a journey to uncover the nomadic mindset and introduce you to its defining behaviors helping you expand, moveOn and evolve while navigating these times. It will give your leadership a different perspective of what change is while inviting you to tap into your nomadic mindset.

Kevin draws upon his nomadic research in Mongolia, Kenya, and Morocco along with executives to anchor the urgency for individuals, organizational culture, leaders, and societies to embrace MovingOn as part of their way to thrive, be agile, and innovative.


  • Uncover what is a nomadic mindset plus the value of knowing what are the builder and settler mindsets and the behaviors/qualities that typify them.
  • Determine what is your dominant mindset and how this can impact your leadership
  • Expand your overall perspective and discover 5 core behaviors to help you MoveOn
  • Facing the lion develops courage, confidence, and tenacity to face obstacles and communication
  • Inspire MovingON as a cultural norm

Speaker/Author Kevin Cottam, PCC

Inspiring Nomadic Evolution

Kevin Cottam, Canadian, Global Nomad who guides, dares and inspires dynamic leaders and organizations to expand, evolve, and MoveOn to their winning edge.

He is a Professional Speaker, Executive Coach, and Author of the fresh leadership book, The Nomadic Mindset: Never Settle…for Too Long.

A former elite choreographer to World and Olympic Figure Skating Champions (also Danish Champions) and director of multi-million dollar productions including the 1988 Olympic Closing Ceremonies.

Kevin believes we have become too narrow in our thinking and behaviors and we need to expand our innate global thinking, creating Leadership for the next Evolution bringing humanity, economic practices, healthy democratic governances, and nature/climate together. For this, we need to tap into our nomadic mindset. www.thenomadicmindset.com

Registration and cost

The event is for DABS members only and participation is free of charge. Registration is mandatory.

Find more information and sign up here

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