EUROCHAM Malaysia would like you to know about corporate partner Unilin Group

Belgium Unilin specialises in flooring and the many related techniques related. Image: EUROCHAM Malaysia

EUROCHAM Malaysia has highlighted its corporate partner, Unilin Group, who manufactures, engineers and markets smart living solutions to create comfortable and beautiful spaces.

Unilin Group’s origin lies within the circular economy. The company was founded in 1960 by about forty flax farmers. They started as manufacturers of flax shive boards using flax loam, a waste product from the flax industry.

Today, Unilin Group continues to incorporate circular principles into its processes and has developed into a world player mainly known for its Quick-Step floors.

The Chamber said Unilin Group fosters a culture of boldness as they share a unique way of working and builds on four pillars of passion, entrepreneurship, excellence, and respect allowing the company to innovate, take initiative, and push boundaries.

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