Healthcare workers added to the Danish “Positive List”

By the 1 July 2024 health-care workers will be added to the so-called Positive List in Denmark. When a field of work is on this list, it will make it easier for foreigners with a relevant education to immigrate to Denmark.

This new development was revealed on a website managed by the Immigration Service and the Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI).

Earlier this year the Danish state was discussing whether it would be possible to make an agreeement with healthworkers in the Philippines to come to Denmark. Even though that deal hasn’t passed, this makes it easier for healthcare workers from for instanse the Philippines to immigrate to Denmark.

The category of health-care workers include the following jobs: Home-based personal care workers, child care workers, dental assistants and therapist, pharmacuetical technicians and assistants, medical imaging and therapeutic equipment technicians, midwifery professionals, nursing professionals, specialist medical practitioners, and generalist medical practitioners.

It is a well known fact in Denmark that there is a shortage of health-care workers. As a part of the Positive List there will be 1000 recidence and work permits available.

Source: Schengen News

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