Meet Ambassador Jyri Järviaho in this week’s series of ‘Meet the Embassy’

Meet H.E. Jyri Järviaho, the Ambassador of Finland to Thailand and Cambodia in this week’s series of “Meet the Embassy.”

“Meet the Embassy” is a series of videos by the Embassy of Finland in Thailand that aims at showing what the Embassy seeks to do in the country and introduces several important members of staff.

Watch the latest video here for a short introduction and get to know the Ambassador on a more personal level. In the video, the Ambassador talks about where he grew up, what he studied, what he likes to do in his free time, and much more!

Previously in the Embassy’s series, we met the Head Chef at the Residence of the Ambassador of Finland, Nattapong Pongphaew, and Consul Katariina Hautamäki-Huuki who is in charge of the Consular Services sector at the Embassy.


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