Showcase of unique porcelain items created by Vietnamese artists organized in Hanoi

An example item from the exhibition “Hoa Trên Hoa Kết Tinh (Flowers on Crystallized Flowers.” Photo by Vietnam News.

The showcase, “Hoa Trên Hoa Kết Tinh (Flowers on Crystallized Flowers)” presenting thirteen crystallized porcelain items created by Lê Ngọc Thạch and painted by the Norway-based artist, Hồng Đức Thanh, will be organized at CHỌN de l’Art in Hanoi, Vietnam, from 25-28 March 2023.

These art pieces are considered to be the first ever collaboration of both Vietnamese artists.

According to CHỌN de l’Art and the center of Vietnam Quintessential Handicraft, the showcase’s organizer, the theme “Flowers on Crystallized Flowers” represents the crystallization of two Vietnamese artistic souls traveling elsewhere and then gathering again right in the homeland.

Thạch is a famed artist based in Bát Tràng village and Thanh is one of the internationally acclaimed artists winning several awards from US, Spain, Brazil, Italy, Japan, and China.

Currently,Thanh is running a class in his studio Art Thanh Hong AS in Brumunddal, Norway. He has been invited to teach at Folkeuniversitetet and at other schools in both Europe and Asia as well.

The organizer said it expected the event to draw art enthusiasts from all over the world, reported Vietnam Plus.

Any interested Scandinavian living in Vietnam is urged to check the exhibition out and explore the uniqueness of each porcelain.


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